Technical Development

We strive to build solutions which are both robust and elegant.

Developing digital products is a much art as science, and we try to combine these disciples to produce code which is clean and maintanable. Our developers are first and foremost trying to solve a problem in the best possible way.

Mobile & Web Technology

We take a platform-agnostic approach to development and will always choose the best technology stack that best fits your needs and the problem we are tackling together.

  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)
  • Front End (React, HTML5, JQuery)
  • Backend (Ruby, PHP)
  • Platforms (WordPress, modx)


From the early concept stages to the eventual launch and continued marketing and analytics – regardless of web or mobile developing a successful e-commerce experience has many facets and requires careful execution at every stage.

  • Platforms (Shopify, Shopware)
  • Analytics (Google eCommerce Analytics)
  • Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

Artificial Intelligence

Digital products that adapts and anticipates the needs of the user are becoming more common and ‘smarter’ every day. By adding this layer of intelligence we can architect powerful solutions to engage users, automate internal workflows and improve efficiency within companies.

  • Machine Learning
  • Bots
  • Alexa Voice Services